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Mar 30th 2015 by Cou Kalantary
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Hi folks,


I’m Cou, the founder of DarwinBeats. I’m here to tell you a little bit about what this platform is, how it came to be, and what we hope we can all achieve with it. But first, let me tell you a bit about myself, and what songwriting and music has meant in my life.


Back in high school, I was in a band. And I don’t mean an amateur band that just gets together out of boredom; I mean a group of talented artists, with their own backgrounds and musical preferences, all merging into one band to create unique sounds. It’s crazy how good a bunch of high school kids can be. While I played the bass, we had 2 guitarists, one drummer, and a female vocalist who could honestly sing as well as Amy Lee from Evanescence.


We played all the time, and started landing all sorts of gigs. We even eventually found ourselves in a local competition that went on for several weeks. Somehow we made it to final day, the final round, but came in second. It was hardly a defeat though: the winning band came over and told us how surprised they were that we didn’t finish first; some of the judges even echoed that same sentiment. Heck, before long we were even interviewed by a local radio station, which got some of our songs on the air.


It was awesome, but that was as far as we got.


You see, our story wasn’t all that different from that of countless other bands, musicians and talented artists out there. We had spirit, found a way to put together some killer tunes, but never managed to hit the ball all the way out of the park. Even if we were really good, there was no guarantee that if we pressed on we would make it big, or even be able to make a living out of it, so we let other things get in the way. In our case, the band split as we moved to different countries to attend different universities. We put the band behind us and went on to pursue more “realistic” careers.


As I got older, I got more and more curious to know if there were tools out there, online, that could allow up-and-coming artists to reach the level of success they want, and often deserve, without the big risks associated with putting everything else aside to pursue a musical career. My band days are long gone, but what about all those other artists starting up, and going through the same steps me and the band did? Sure, there are a few places for artists to store their music, like Myspace, YouTube and, more recently, SoundCloud, but as good as those services are, they don’t offer many means of helping artists market themselves and nor for audiences to find their songs.


That’s the problem we want to solve with DarwinBeats.


Have you ever been to websites like Reddit or 9gag? Basically, on those sites, people can submit posts and then have them pass through a communal voting system. The more people enjoy a post, the more attention it receives. Does the “Original Poster” have to do any marketing or other heavy lifting to get people to see their posts? No sir, all they have to do is submit good content and the platform takes care of the rest through an organic selection process.


It’s that same process that embraces social feedback that we are integrating into our music listening platform DarwinBeats – named this way because of the “natural”, social, selection of music.


Here’s how it works:

An artist uploads a track.

The track is dynamically pushed to listeners on their playlists based on their preferences (such as genres, languages, etc.), while our algorithm ensures that every piece of music is given a chance to succeed.

If the track becomes highly rated, it will be featured on the platform for more users to hear. Every popular track will give visibility to the artist behind it, along with an opportunity to accumulate more followers. In this case, followers are like fans, and once you have them, we will push every new song you make to their playlists automatically. Pretty neat, no?

Unpopular songs, on the other hand, will eventually stop being pushed to playlists, but not before receiving valuable feedback from listeners, to help artists understand what might have gone wrong, what their audiences want, and how they can improve their song. In this sense, artists not only receive attention for popular songs, but get free feedback  towards how they can make their other ones better.


So now, it is with great pride that my team and I are announcing the launch of the DarwinBeats website. Artists can get an early start by signing-up and uploading their songs before the app is released (which we are working on to complete as soon as possible).


If you’re an artist and you support what we’re trying to do, we strongly encourage you to sign up and tell your friends about us before the listener app is launched. We need all the support we can get, and will do all we can to give back to our supporters. For starters, early registrants will receive a “Trend Setter” badge, and when we introduce our royalties system, these artists will receive 20% more royalties based on their songs than the rest. When we introduce new paid features, such as advanced statistical data reports on how your songs are performing at any given moment, early registrants will also have access to these extra features for free. All of this is our way of saying thank you for supporting us in this early phase.


So head on over to We’re waiting to hear from you.

  • Hilary Canto

    I’ve just joined Darwin Beats – take a look for yourself!

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    Awesome!! #trendsetter

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  • Great concept @cou – really hoping that this will be as successful as predicted!