Spotify is the biggest scam ever conducted against independent music artists

Oct 24th 2016 by Iain Alexander

Spotify has become the mainstream outlet for music discovery but in doing so it has successfully robbed independent musicians of their revenue and depressed the value of music to nearly absolute zero.

For independent music artists, streaming is far from lucrative on Spotify, and most musicians will never see a dollar from their work, even with thousands of plays.

The Verge reported last year that Spotify paid artists “between $0.006 and $0.00840” per stream which guarantees that independent musicians will never make money online.

More than 98% of all recorded music can’t even reach audiences because platforms like Spotify favor mainstream artists to push commercial songs to the masses. Independent artists are facing sheer hardship because of this and can’t monetize songs they make because tracks now have no value to the market with the streaming business model.


This status-quo is unacceptable and in 2016, mainstream artists that can tap into big marketing dollars will always get preferential treatment on platforms like Spotify where subscribers discover the big names and everyone else sits in the dark.

Independent artists must have the right to share their music and be properly rewarded instead of having to bend over to this industry-wide scam. Platforms like Spotify do nothing for them, and only punish their creativity by paying them so little.

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