“2% of the industry has 80% of all the media about it”

Sep 22nd 2015 by Iain Alexander

Earlier this year John Mayer highlighted how a majority of the artists we hear about in the media only represent 2% of the music industry. His interview with MSNBC highlighted a truth about the way music artists are covered in newspapers and magazines.

We rarely hear about indie music artists in the media while the likes of Taylor Swift, Drake and Rihanna make headlines almost daily. Can you remember the last time you discovered an artist who didn’t have a major label, PR firm or producer behind them?

In the X Factor/American Idol era, most of all the music artists who become big successes are backed with enormous investment upfront.

For the 98% of us who struggle to get a mention or recognition in the media, social networking and grassroots guerrilla marketing is the only way to go.

What we also see in today’s saturated news media landscape are stories about controversy rather than the artists and their music. This status quo has made it difficult for indie artists to stand out and get heard especially if they don’t have Simon Cowell to support them with a full PR department and a million dollar advertising budget.

One of the reasons we wanted to launch DarwinBeats was because we felt that talented artists were not being discovered and great music was being drowned out by a small minority.

Today there is an over-saturation of manufactured artists vs singers and bands who have enormous talent but never get taken seriously by the industry.

Our platform tears down those barriers. Artists that sign up to our service and get their music uploaded to DarwinBeats will have a 100% chance of being discovered instead of the 2% the music industry has conditioned us to accept.

When your music enters our charts, songs are promoted organically so people can discover new music without it being influenced by marketing spend or PR. Listeners get to decide what kind of music they like and our algorithm will rank tracks based on user feedback and interest.

We represent the 98% and invite you to grow your audience with us, all for the price of $0. Let’s change this system so people can discover music that inspires them. Thanks for being part of our journey and good luck with your music!

  • Oh yes, I only can agree with this article…this seems the harsh truth for almost all of us Indie’s..hopefully DarwinBeats can turn this in the right direction…yet, I have my doubts about this..sorry! 🙂