“2% of the industry has 80% of all the media about it”

Earlier this year John Mayer highlighted how a majority of the artists we hear about in the media only represent 2% of the music industry. His interview with MSNBC highlighted a truth about the way music artists are covered in newspapers and magazines. We rarely hear about indie music artists…

Sep 22nd 2015 by Iain Alexander MORE

4 Music Industry Problems That Are Destroying Independent Artists

Independent artists create inspiring music around the world but because of the way the industry works, they’re being pushed aside Below are some of the issues that artists face in the music industry which has so far, refused to give them a voice: Closed access to finance For most of…

Dec 2nd 2016 by Iain Alexander MORE

Spotify is the biggest scam ever conducted against independent music artists

Spotify has become the mainstream outlet for music discovery but in doing so it has successfully robbed independent musicians of their revenue and depressed the value of music to nearly absolute zero. For independent music artists, streaming is far from lucrative on Spotify, and most musicians will never see a…

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Headshot + Disrupting the music industry

Disrupting the Music Industry Rhythm

There are artists that you’ve never heard of, that are just as good, and sometimes even better, than the ones you hear everywhere. So why aren’t they getting the airtime they deserve? What is it that makes an artist successful, if not their talent? As an artist myself, I have…

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Interview with Pastel – “You can’t just be an artist anymore”

  Pastel, originally from Uganda and currently living in the United States has been singing since the age of 15. Having travelled extensively around the world, Pastel has a unique perspective of culture from different countries and has released 3 mixtapes and collaborated with several artists during his career. He…

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